Heart Hospital Conditions with Minimal Invasive Surgery

Heart diseases Should not be dismissed at all because if not included in time, they can be fatal. They are a selection of diseases which impacts this organ as well as the associated components. Additionally, it has cardiovascular diseases where narrowed and blocked valves may cause a stroke or assault. To keep your body from afflicted with these diseases, you want to engage in better lifestyle choices. If your body is showing symptoms of those conditions, then you should speak the best heart specialist hospital in Bangalore. A heart specialist Hospital focuses on providing surgery. But for individuals that aren’t too comfortable to proceed with open surgeries can go for minimal invasive surgeries. In Minimal Invasive Cardiac surgery in Bangalore, surgeons perform surgery through small incisions that are created in the right side of their chest. Breastbone isn’t cut and the entire operation is performed between the ribs which leads to less pain and faster recovery. Some of the common benefits of MICS are as follows.

Heart Hospitals

  • There is lesser blood loss.
  • Lower risk of disease.
  • Less pain is due to resulting in reduced injury.
  • Scars are more in number but they are quite small in size and not observable.
  • Surgeon has better view of some of those body components.

There are different Kinds of procedures that are performed with the support of MICS. Some of these procedures require stopping of the heart briefly and deflecting the blood circulation from the heart by means of a bypass machine. It might include the following processes of best heart hospital in Bangalore.

  • Mitral valve replacement and repair.
  • Saphenous vein harvest for coronary artery bypass surgery.
  • Atrioventricular septal defect surgery.
  • Aortic valve replacement.
  • Coronary artery bypass operation.
  • Maze procedure for atrial fibrillation.

But this surgery is Not suggested for everyone. Your medical records will be assessed and evaluations will be conducted to see whether you are a suitable candidate. There are risks of bleeding, stroke, wound infection etc.  It is either done with the support of thoracoscopic surgery or robot assisted heart surgery. Robotic arms are used in this replica of open operation. Surgeon works in a remote controller and perspectives the heart at a magnified high-definition 3-D perspective on a video screen. From this remote controller, surgeon’s hand movements are interpreted precisely into the robotic arms in the operating table. There is a second surgeon to modify the surgical instruments. A long thin tube is inserted that comprises a little high definition video camera to the little incisions. Through these incisions, long instruments are added and heart is subsequently repaired.