Which Works For Your kitchen countertop

Countertops keep the brunt of home function and the much more they’re able to go through marks and dampness, the more infrequently you’ll have to make improvements and alternatives. Normal natural stone is an excellent decision but isn’t cheap while steel is rust-resistant and contemporary but dings quickly. Similarly, there are additional materials offering much in the form of excellent features while with a lack of other folks. Here’s a quick breakdown of kitchen counter materials and what they bring to the kitchen table.


Laminates are inexpensive but don’t have to look it. Top quality types may offer beauty within tight finances and a lot more in the way of potential to deal with a lot of damaging outcomes. Stains, heat and influence have very little effect on these affordable supplies although set up is not difficult and so is upkeep. You also have numerous styles and colors to pick from, anything not at all times provided by other materials.

Exactly what does present a bit of a concern is water seepage throughout the seams. Laminates use a darkish core and a designed and colored layer at the top so if drinking water seeps in, the 2 will come apart and appear undesirable.


Granite is ideal for weighty counter top use as it’s very challenging and hard to injury einternetindex. There is also a range of hues and habits, organic and natural, which interests several buyers. Heating, spillage and knife cuts are endured well.

In spite of these hallmarks, granite does scratch and stuffing has to be done by a specialist. Staining also make their existence recognized so normal securing is needed.


Concrete is fantastic due to the fact it can be tailored to suit your specs. Whilst it comes with a good reputation for being as well ordinary and boring, it could be textured. If still left as they are, you can even get a beautiful patina which happens to be totally distinctive.

The down-side of definite is disappointing. It scratches and potato chips very easily and it is vulnerable to developing hair line breaks. Sealants do the job of protecting it in opposition to heat and spots but there’s a perspective: penetrating sealers guard towards warmth injury but not spots and topical ointment sealers protect against stains however, not heating.